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But who are we ?

Where do we come from ?

What are we doing here?

Tell me you have questions! 

We will try to answer it.

The creation of our collective came from a simple observation, under our noses, but obvious:

We work with the same passion, the same inspirations and sometimes we even create TOGETHER!

So why not combine all this on a common page,

where all artists will correspond independently or jointly with you.

At the initiative of Jerry Chamand, our famous MortalG, Will Fourrez, Motu Custom France from Facebook, and Freddy Dermidjian, worthy heir to the Alcala style, here are today reunited with them:  

Benoit Kerviche, Rodolphe Mainnevret, Benjamin Maillet and Lionel Sierro.

Other artists will undoubtedly join this magnificent project and thus swell the ranks of the Art of Eternia collective!

You will be able to discover our creations, contact us and sometimes even meet us during UNIQUE events with our partner Mangamania Bry-sur-Marne in FRANCE !

You can also use our contact form.

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